Thesis coach

Generations of students in front of you have mastered their thesis. A coach can help you with this. This help can be used by every student. We check whether your diploma thesis is okay from a technical and scientific point of view. We also offer help if you make bad progress during a diploma thesis. Finally, your diploma thesis is also a success.

The concept: Diploma thesis coach

Under coaching we understand a continuous help in the preparation of your diploma thesis. Your coach will discuss the individual tasks of the thesis with you. He follows your ideas, thinks with you, expresses his thoughts, explains what works best. It will alert you to any potential problems or new issues and help you to better master them. He is your mentor and motivator.

Your “Diploma Coach” is an experienced supervisor who works across disciplines.Our coaches work for science publishers, universities, businesses, and even you.We expect students to pay only a fraction of the hourly rate companies pay.

Help to achieve a sense of achievement

Our help is always a help for self-help. We want you to hand in your diploma thesis with a sense of achievement, having mastered the task yourself. We clear up stumbling blocks and offer help where you can not really get ahead on your own. Your university expects performance from you. Every competitive athlete today enjoys the help of a coach. Treat yourself too. This is an affordable luxury in the preparation of your diploma thesis.

List of coaches

  • Diploma thesis: help from the university or help from a coach?
  • What distinguishes the diploma thesis of the external coach from the help of the internal supervisors?
  • The external “Diplomarbeit-Coach” takes the time necessary to advance your diploma thesis.
  • You choose a coach from more than 40 coaches that fits your personality and your subject. If you would like to change the coach during the term of your diploma thesis, this is possible at any time.
  • The help of your coach also includes self-organization and time management. He accompanies your work progress and protects you from detours during the diploma thesis.
  • Part of his job is to build and motivate you in the stressful, emotionally charged time of the thesis.
  • They discuss with an expert who has internalized the rules of the game of scientific work. Formal errors in the thesis are eliminated with his help before the examiner reads your work.
  • They are not rated by us as at the university, but receive help from an experienced academic in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Arrange a free preliminary talk. We have an appointment for you at short notice; Maybe this is a bit different than you are used to from your university.