Help with bachelor thesis

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Generations of students have brooded over their work, but ultimately a good Bachelor thesis or diploma thesis submitted. A coach can help you to do a good bachelor thesis. This help is available to any student, regardless of which college he or she is studying. We employ experienced lecturers, doctors and researchers from the entire English-speaking area. Our help consists of suggestions, suggestions for optimizing your bachelor thesis and a constant, motivating feedback. This assistance with the bachelor thesis facilitates on-time delivery.

Bachelor Thesis: Help from the university or help from an external coach?

What are the differences in the supervision of the bachelor thesis between student-lecturer-coaches and the assistants at the university?

The external “Bachelor Thesis Coach” takes the time it takes to advance your bachelor thesis, giving students hours to talk and not just minutes like at university.

You do not receive a supervisor from us, but choose a coach yourself. 40 different coaches offer their help here. You can choose a work partner that fits both the subject of the bachelor thesis as well as your personality.

If your bachelor thesis is interdisciplinary and includes different subject areas, you can also seek help from two of our coaches.

Our approach is a collegial help, a cooperation of two equal partners with the aim that you deliver a good bachelor thesis. In the stressful time of the bachelor thesis you get a coach who knows what your examiner expects from you. Your coach will provide you with concrete help that will help you to progress step by step until you submit your bachelor thesis.

We want to help you. There is no hierarchical gap between teachers and students. The cooperation with our experienced academics takes place in a relaxed atmosphere.

Free initial consultation. Talk to our lecturers over the phone and decide if you can imagine a collaboration.