Use the luxury of purposeful discussions with a lecturer in your field

At some point, every doctoral student comes to a point where it does not go on so quickly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk to someone who has already solved similar tasks? Certainly: Every dissertation is different and individual, we are aware of that. We offer the advice of older colleagues who work as doctoral students or as specialists in dissertations. We have a colleague from almost every subject, and there is certainly someone who fits in well with your project.

Typical topics from coaching

  • Start
  • topic selection
  • Include and delineate theme
  • Research question and hypotheses
  • Creation of the exposé
  • Present state of research
  • Write
  • Write an introduction
  • Researching and dealing with sources
  • Designing the writing process
  • Copy texts and give feedback
  • Technical discussions
  • Stick to it
  • Regain motivation
  • Dealing with doctoral students and colleagues
  • Writing between work and family
  • Disputation & Rigorosum
  • publication from the circle of friends to advice for doctoral students

We are a group of senior lecturers, professors, scientists and science lecturers. We began in the 1970s as a circle of friends of young academics who helped each other. In the meantime, about 100 experienced graduates are involved in the study program, the average age is 53 years.

It is our great pleasure to pass on our knowledge to you, to the next generation. We love the scientific work and are looking forward to your project. And yes, you also like to come with your dissertation project, if there are still topics that are waiting for a solution. We are happy to bring us. A collegial discussion and the development of solutions in a relaxed atmosphere are certain.

Frequently asked questions

Can a coach replace or only supplement my doctoral students?

Do not really replace it, because your doctoral supervisor will remain your supervisor. However, you can ask a coach the same questions as your supervisor. You can also talk to him on another level – that is, without the hierarchical gap that exists at the university. Also, the coach will respond faster and take more time than a supervisor, who is busy by other tasks. The coach will never act as a petitioner but as a younger colleague.

How can I be sure that my data will be treated discreetly?

In order to assure you the trustworthy handling of your data and texts, we will send you our confidentiality declaration. All information and documents that we and our employees receive from you in the course of their work are subject to confidentiality. We will send you a declaration of confidentiality by e-mail, on request also by post. This is very common especially for dissertations that contain personal data or company data.

Can I also buy a single hour of coaching?

Yes and no. A single lesson in such a large-scale project as your own dissertation is very little. We divide the time you work with your coach into 5-hour contingents, each prepaid. So you only come in for 5 hours coaching in advance. If after the completion of the coaching a remaining balance is open, we will refund the amount of course.

If you start a coaching and cancel after one hour, because you If you have won the lottery, we will refund your credit. You only pay for as many hours as you have used. Most doctoral students start with 5 hours.

I have to prepare for my disputation a PowerPoint presentation. Can you advise me?

For certain specialist areas, our experts also support you in the preparation for the disputation. For example, you can talk to or correct a scheduled PowerPoint presentation with them.