Help with master thesis

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Many students quarrel while writing their master’s thesis. Do not be discouraged, we can help you. We are university lecturers and researchers who support the Master’s thesis and are committed to the principles of good scientific practice. Our lecturers advise on the phone, read through parts of your master’s thesis and discuss with you the structure, content and scientific methodology. This gives you the necessary ideas to successfully complete your own master’s thesis. This help can be used by every student regardless of field of study and university. Approximately You can reach 40 lecturers and coaches from various disciplines and regions via this website. They offer help with the master thesis in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Choose a team of tutors / coaches who are familiar with the topic of your master thesis.

The concept: Master thesis coaching

We understand coaching as a continuous help in the preparation of a master’s thesis. Your coach will discuss the individual steps of the master’s thesis with you – much like a good supervisor at the university. Together with the coach, you can develop your own ideas and get ideas for the master’s thesis.

For example, our coaches work for universities, technical colleges, science publishers, commercial enterprises and are also there for you. Most of them have a teaching assignment at a university. What they all have in common is that they care about the care of students.

With help for self-help to success

Help is always a help for self-help. We would like you to hand in your master’s thesis with the experience of success to have mastered the task yourself. We clear out stumbling blocks and offer help where you can not really get ahead on your own. Many athletes use a coach to exploit their potential. You as a brain worker can do that too. Treat yourself to your own coach. This is an affordable luxury in the preparation of your master’s thesis. Overview of our coaches

Master Thesis: Help by a coach

What distinguishes the master’s thesis of the external coach from the help of the internal supervisors?

The external Master’s Thesis Coach takes as much time as you need to make it stress-free and productive, and a total of five hours of coaching over several weeks is quite common in coaching.

The coach does not judge you and your master thesis at the end, but just wants to help you. He is not an employee of your university and the discussions are treated confidentially.

You select the coach from a pool of currently about 40 professionally experienced academics (as of: Oct. 2011). You choose someone who fits the topic of your master thesis. If you want to change the coach during the care, this is possible at any time.

Arrange a free introductory talk. We have appointments at short notice (this may be something else than you are used to at your university).